IC Uterine Biopsy

Proverbs 31:25 “…she can laugh at the days to come…”
Whenever I read this, I used to think that it meant that this godly woman was joyful because good things were in store for her, because she was favored by God.
But the older I get, the more I understand humor as a tremendous gift from God. I think the godly woman laughs at the days to come, wether good OR bad. Finding the “funnies” in the middle of stressful times is a true spirit lifter.

So last week when I had a uterine biopsy and the nurse practitioner tells me, “I can’t find your uterus. I’m going to have to go and get the dr. She can be more aggressive.”

WHAT?? You can’t find my uterus? Where did it go? Did I lose it? Did it fall out and I not know? Is it hiding? I’m a pretty small person, so there aren’t many places it could go. I’m pretty sure I have a uterus. Otherwise my two children I birthed are bigger miracles than I thought. And what do you mean the dr can “be more aggressive?” What is she going to do to me? And did you need to yell out the door, “can you bring some forceps?” Could the NP have called them something else? Or at least discreetly ask her tech for one?

I have passed 2 kidney stones, I have chronic IC with ulcers, I have given brith with no drugs, and I was given the wrong medicine in an instillation last year, but this biopsy might have been the most painful 20 minutes of my life. But I have to laugh. If someone was going to lose their uterus, it would be just my luck. I lose my car keys on an hourly basis. They’re probably hanging out with my uterus and all my missing socks somewhere.

I am finding laughter (mixed with a bit of hdyrocodone) is the best medicine.

Author: bethany

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