Let’s be honest

I decided to treat myself to a Panera Greek Salad yesterday after I was done grocery shopping and running errands. It’s a splurge for me, because I order my greek salad without tomatoes, peppers, onions, and with the dressing on the side. Essentially, I’m paying $8 for lettuce, cheese, and olives…oh, and of course, the glorious piece of sourdough bread. Anyways, the greek salad purchase is always an internal battle, and it’s accompanied by a still small voice whispering in my ear, “this is a ridiculous purchase and slightly irresponsible”. So imagine my complete joy when I pulled up to the window to pay yesterday and the associate says, “The vehicle in front of you paid for your meal today.” And then handed me a card from a local church in the area. I was stunned and ecstatic at the same time.

I immediately felt as if I should pass along the gesture of kindness and pay for the person behind me.

So here’s the plain ugly truth.

Before I offered to do just that, I took a look in my rearview mirror to see 1) how big the vehicle was behind me 2) to see how many people were in the vehicle so I could 3) estimate how much my bill was going to be BEFORE I committed to give.

Immediate conviction hit. I went ahead and paid for the person behind me, and just as if to teach me a lesson, her bill ended up being $3 more than my greek salad. I think it was a little disciplinary action going on from my heavenly father.

But seriously, how terrible am I that I hesitated before I offered to give. I wish I could say that generosity was my natural tendency, but as it turns out, it’s not.

I have a new character trait that I am focusing on developing now….being kind without being calculating.

Author: bethany

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