Kent aka “The Guessing Genius”

I’ve got one of the cutest 2nd born children on the face of the planet. He is the only “Type B” personality in our “Type A” family. Erik, Parker, and I are all first born children. Then there’s 2nd born Kent. He truly is the spice to our otherwise vanilla family.

As a parent, I sometimes worry that life is just a tad harder for Kent than the rest of us. He’s going to be 9 soon, and other than sugar and video games, I’m not sure that he’s found something he’s particularly enthusiastic about. His older brother seems to have found passions that he succeeds at, and Kent is still investigating where his gifts and talents fall.

Just yesterday I had coffee with two other boy moms, and we were discussing the dynamic of the 2nd boy child, and how they seem to be just a tad more complicated. Things seem to fall in my eldest’s favor often: he’s always on a winning soccer team, Kent’s team went 1-9 this year in basketball. Parker and Kent read the same amount of books at the library, and Parker wins a 1 out of 200 raffle in the summer reading program. Things like this seem to happen more often than not. Yesterday then I had prayed that God would allow Kent to see where his gifts are, and I prayed for Kent to experience the exhilarating feeling of accomplishing a goal.

Today we were at a birthday party for an adorable 1 year old. One of the games the parents set up was to guess how many pieces of candy were in several containers. Each person was to look at the product, and write down their guess. Both of my children participated, and submitted their estimates.

20 minutes later, the winners were announced for each container. Kent Richard was victorious in THREE of the candy containers. His smile was ear to ear. He accepted the containers like they were Oscars, and they goods are proudly on display on our kitchen counter.

I was quickly reminded about the prayer I offered to God yesterday. For my son to feel the satisfaction of winning something. And not just something. Kent won an abundance of his favorite food group: CANDY. And isn’t God so creative, fun, and good? And how comforting is it that God cares about my child’s feelings and even my concerns? Kent will ride this high for weeks. Thank you, Jesus.

If there is a career in guessing how many M & M’s are in a glass jar, Kent would Rock. It.

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  1. It’s odd the way God can take us right to what we need to read sometimes. I needed to see this for Lyla today, thank you for posting this.

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