Alexander and the….

A few weeks ago we saw “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. And you loved it. Now every time we run in to a few consecutive bumps in the road, you label our time as such.

Today would fall in to that category. This morning after I dropped you off at school, I stopped at the bank, Target, and then Aldi. I came home put the items away, moved some furniture around for a bedroom switch-a-roo involving you both, cooked several types of veggies, and I started tomorrow’s dinner. I quickly got in the shower, after Parker got home from school, but before Kent did.

When Kent got home, we did his homework, and then it was off to get haircuts and gym shoes before getting to church by 6 for the meal and service following. We left the house at 4, and ran to Kohls in Alton where you didn’t like any of the shoes they had in your respective sizes. We left and went to Hibbits in Wood River, where you liked the shoes, but they didn’t have any in either one of your sizes. We ran across the street to Mallory’s, and they only had adult shoes. I decided to put the shoe shopping on hold for one more day, because I couldn’t take the  frustration for one more second.

Next on the agenda was haircuts. I had a coupon for “Fantastic Sams” so we headed in. At 5:15 we were told it was a 30 minute wait. I did a quick calculation, and decided that we could pull it off and still get to church for the meal at 6. Not so much. At 6:15, they finally called you back for cuts. I was fuming, and it’s about the time where I was going to flip my lid, and hope no one recognized me as being a pastor’s wife in the area.

As I was paying for the haircuts, I looked at both of your shoes, and I literally could see your socks…I had not noticed this until that moment. I decided that shoes could not wait. I  just cut my loses, and I dragged you back out to Alton to the “mall”, and I pre-determined that we were not leaving Famous Footwear without shoes. The selection was limited, but I felt like Cinderella’s stepsister. I was going to force the shoes to work. $145 later, we bought shoes for each of you. I don’t love either pair. It is by far the most amount of money I have ever paid for your shoes, but it was a small price to pay for my sanity. At least that’s how I am justifying that absurd expense.

We ultimately missed church, which I hate doing, but it is what it is. I ran through Taco Bell, and you boys ate like you were starving…which considering it was 3.5 hours since we started our “quick” errands run, you were. I accidentally ordered nachos with chili (which I cannot have) on them, and instead of screaming bloody murder, I turned on the Christian Radio station, hoping that some holiness would jump from the radio into my very angry, frustrated, and disgruntled soul.

I would like to start today over…actually, no. Scratch that. I want to go to bed, act like this day never happened, and look forward to a new, less expensive day, tomorrow.

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