Well, here I sit on the eve of my 36th birthday. That’s right. I said 36. This has been a year of lessons learned, and growth in all areas (including my waistline, thanks to the medicine I have to take for my auto-immune disorder-another perk of getting older). But seriously. Through my sickness, and through the ministry, and through my years on this planet, I have learned to embrace the little moments. The moments that seem ordinary on the surface, but when looked back upon, will truly be the highlights of  my life.

Car rides with my son to and from practice, where we talk about everything from the rapture of the church, how to invest in the stock market, how to ask a girl out (when he’s 35), and who I’m voting for in the upcoming election.

Early mornings when I want to sleep in, but my early rising 8 year old forces himself in our bed, and steals 2/3 of my pillow.

Times at the breakfast bar when our six heavy eyelids attempt to eat breakfast, make lunch, and get dressed all while trying not to disturb Daddy in the other room.

Cuddling on the couch watching Survivor, and discussing strategy, and which castaway we’d vote off if we could.

Kissing Daddy and hearing the boys make vomit noises in the background.

I don’t have to reach any more life goals to feel complete. I don’t have to pursue any more degrees to feel validated. I don’t have to do anything else to feel significant. I’ve seen the beauty in being an ordinary person with the extraordinary calling of being a wife and mom. I’ve never known such satisfaction in all my life. These are the best years of my life, because I”m not living them for myself. I live each day for my husband and children, and I’ve never been more fulfilled. My laundry is done. My house is clean. My bills are paid. My kids’ lunches are packed. It’s taken me years to be okay with this job…and I’m so glad God’s brought me to this place. At 36, I’m content, and enjoying every day with the 3 loves of my life.

I know this blessed life I live is not because of what I’ve done, but rather because of what Jesus has done for me. He’s given me life and life t it’s fullest.



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  1. You’re just the best. LOVE YOU! Happy Happy Birthday!

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