A few weeks ago I noticed the boys being really disinterested in our Sunday evening service. Now, in all truthfulness, it’s probably not the most ideal enviornment for them, but nonetheless, it needed to be addressed.

We talked about how worship is worship is worship…no matter what songs are sung, no matter what instruments are in use, no matter who is on the platform leading. Worship isn’t about us and our preferences, it’s about giving God the attention and adoration he deserves. The true Christian should be able to worship anywhere anytime with anyone.

I told them how I was always afraid to raise my hands when I was around my parents or adults, and found it easier to do when I was in youth group. Parker agreed that he felt the same way. I assured him that he had the permission and freedom to worship in adult service the same way he does in kid’s service.

This Sunday night, our kid’s pastor led our evening service, including the worship. We sang the song, “Oceans”, and at one point I opened my eyes and looked over at Parker. His hands were raised in worship and he was singing his heart out.

After I swallowed the lump in my throat, I worshiped next to my children, which has been the single most spiritually blessed experience I think I’ve had. I love when the “get it”.

Author: bethany

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