Kentaroos (as your 3 year old cousin calls you),

I love you dearly. I have to be careful because I want to buy you anything your heart desires and spoil you til the cows come home. There is something about you that makes people want to pinch your cheeks and squeeze you til you feel all the love they have for you.

The other night we were just chilling on the couch and you came and put your head in my lap and asked, “Mom, I know you love me, but what exactly do you love ABOUT me?”

I started to list off all the qualities I love about you; that you’re kind, smart, silly, squishy cheeks, friendly, fun, etc etc….but then I decided that those were all conditional qualities. What if you became unkind. Would you question my love for you? What if you failed at school, would you question my love for you? What if you became serious and stoic, would you question my love for you? So I started over and simply said,

“I love you because you’re mine.”

I thought that more accurately communicated the fact that there would be nothing you could ever do or say that would compromise my love for you. And since you’ll always be my son, my love would be unchanging.

In a nutshell, I was relaying to you, why God loves me. It’s not because what I do or what I say, but rather God loves me simply because of who I am. I belong to him, so he loves me.

As long as you’re my son (which will be forever), I will love you. Many kisses to you on those squishy marshmallow cheeks!

Author: bethany

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