Friday Night Family Night


On Thursday we realized that we had absolutely NO plans for Friday night. No games, no activities, no responsibilities. I asked you boys what you wanted to do. I suggested a movie and dinner out, or bowling, or a bike ride at Culp Lane. But Parker, you said you just wanted to spend some time together at home, so we decided on a bon fire.

On my lunch break I went and bought stuff for s’mores, and a kind friend dropped off some wood at our house. We started the festivities at 6pm. Originally, I just planned on sitting around the fire and chatting for about an hour or so. But you boys had other plans. Kent you went and got the horseshoe set, and Parker you got our gloves and a baseball. We played all sorts of good ole’ fashion outdoor games like Mother May I and Running Bases.

Then we had some fun with sparklers and you guys ate 1 s’more each and spent the rest of the time throwing the ingredients in the fire and watching them burn. My little pyros.

At the end of the night we cleaned up and sent you boys in to the showers. Right before bed, Parker you came over to me to kiss me goodnight and you said, “Mom, thanks for the bonfire”. It was so simple, but it really touched my heart.

I realized last night that in the midst of our busy, crazy life, family is not only important to me, but to the two of you. You boys loved our time together. You laughed and laughed. I will carry the memories of last night with me forever.

Author: bethany

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