I wanted to share with you what I shared with the youth group on Wednesday night.

God doesn’t change. Culture changes. Humanity changes. Government changes. Politics change. Laws change. God. Does. Not.

His Word does not change. His standard does not change. His design does not change.

His way does not need to be “updated”, because His intent was perfect at the start.

I can understand when the world does not act like Jesus, reflect Jesus or honor Jesus because they do not know Jesus.  What is concerning to me is those who claim to have a relationship with Jesus and then do not uphold the Bible as the very words of God. When you are a follower of Christ, that means that Scripture informs your views and perspectives. Too many “christians” are allowing culture to dictate their view of Scripture, instead of having Scripture dictate their views on culture. PLEASE boys, understand this, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Bible is relevant now. What God spoke in the past still stands.

But here is the deal, if you believe that God’s word is timeless and as perfect now as it was when it was originally written, you will be in the minority. And when you claim to support the Biblical truths of the infallible Word of God, you will be labeled as close-minded, intolerant, backwards, irrelevant, and a hypocritical bigot. Scripture says the world will hate you because they hated Jesus. But Scripture also says that blessed are those that are persecuted. Blessed you will be…with grace and strength to endure.

Be bold. Be faithful. Be loving. Accept those as Christ has accepted you. Just some thoughts as I see christian culture shift and as I see those who were once convinced of the value of Scripture, compromise because culture has tempted them to.

Author: bethany

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