You boys are leaving for camp tomorrow. I am so anxious. I just know that there is no one else who knows how to get Kent to eat something other than a peanutbutter sandwich, or how to calm Parker when he gets over tired. AHHH. I know it’s important to practice giving you some independence, and I’m pretty sure it’s harder on me than it is one the two of you.

While you are gone, I am going to take the opportunity to go to Chicago. When we went home at Thanksgiving, the twins were sick so we didn’t see them. When we went home for Christmas, we were all sick, so we had to leave. I haven’t really seen the babies since last August…simply too long to be away from the niece and nephews that I face time with all the time…I can’t wait to kiss them and squeeze them and play with them in person.

Anyways, I love you and I’ll miss you. Camp is where I first experienced a call to ministry. It’s the first time I experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It’s where I first encountered God. In my life, during turbulent times, I would go back to those moments, and remember that I had met God. He was real, and I felt His presence. Camp was truly a foundational time in my spiritual walk, and I am praying it is as monumental for you both as well.

I am praying that you change your underwear. I am praying that you brush your teeth and shower. I am praying that you encounter God’s presence, and that you walk with HIM is strengthed and your commitment is solidified. Love you boys!

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