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In the 6 years that I’ve been blogging, this is by far my longest empty stint. It’s not that I haven’t had much to say…it’s the opposite. So I am going to stoop to the lowest form of journaling, and bullet point our last few months. It’s the easy way out, but I desperately need to catch up. I make no excuses for bragging here…it’s my blog, and I’ll brag about you boys if I want to 🙂 This blog is for you, and I want you to know about all the exciting thing that have happened in your life. I feel honored to be alongside your journeys and I love watching God bless you and shape you in to the young men of faith that He has called you to be.

*Parker, you and Daddy got to go see a professional soccer game at Busch Stadium. You saw Chelsea vs Manchester City. It was an incredible game with ManCity scoring 4 goals in 30 minutes to win 4-3. That kind of comeback is almost unheard of in soccer, so you saw a great game. I made you choose a team to cheer for before you left, and you chose ManCity, so good for you! On a side note, you apparently had an obnoxious woman sitting behind you, and Daddy leaned over to you and said, “That lady is kinda crazy, isn’t she?” And you said back, “I was going to tell you that when we got back in the car!” hahaha. We have trained you so well to be careful what you say in public, and that if you have to tell us something like that, to wait until we are alone.

*Also, ever since you spent those few hours alone with Dad, you have been incredibly attached to him. You tell me you miss him when he’s at work, you want to buy things for him when we’re out, and you even used some of your AR points to buy him a Mountain Lightning.

*Kent, you had your first experience with coach pitch baseball. You played pitcher, and then catcher. You were smiling while putting all the gear on, but you didn’t love that you could hardly see the ball. You are a hitting machine, with two great hits…one was a line drive past 3rd base and the other was a single to the outfield. WOOOOT. The funny thing is, you could really care less about the game. You have talent to play, but you’d rather socialize on the bench with your buddies. I’m fine with that. As long as it’s a positive experience for you, I’m happy. Recently, we celebrated your 3 for 4 game and took you to DQ so you could order a chocolate cone with sprinkles. You also made an out at 2nd base by fielding the ball and tagging the base for the force out. Oh how my heart swells when my boys get baseball!

*Parker, you said to me a few weeks ago, “Mom, I am going to pray that God reminds me to pray over my lunch at school. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really need to start doing that, but I forget. I want to pray that I can remember.” I am so proud of you. You are so sensitive to God’s voice and you truly try to honor Him. You also were talking to me after your last soccer game and it got very intense on the field and the sidelines, and you said, “I think our family is the only one who doesn’t cuss in the world”  Oh dear. I explained to you that just because someone uses colorful language doesn’t mean that they aren’t good people. It’s just amazing how your eyes are being opened up to the big wide world around you.  It’s good for you to experience opposition in thought and belief now, so you can prepared to live in the “real world”. I reminded you that our job is to shine brightly, be different, be loving, and to try to be like Jesus at all times.

*Kenters, you are the “devotions police”. If we don’t do devotions, you remind us, or else you’ll do it yourself. I love you for that. You have also become the little organizer. You love to collect odd items from around the house and organize them in strange places. You are a neat and organized hoarder. If that makes any sense at all.

*On that same note Kent, you won the “King of Clean” award in your classroom, which we have proudly hung the certificate on our fridge for all to see. You were wanting “Most Athletic” or “Most Artistic”, but I gotta tell ya…this cleaning mom thinks the cleaning award is the best of all. And I constantly call for the “King of Clean” when I have a big job in the house.

*Parker, at your awards ceremony at school you won “Top AR reader in your class, a Principal’s Citizenship award, and the 3rd Quarter Bethalto Rotary Club award (recognizes an outstanding student in both citizenship and academics). WOOT for you!

*Kent, you got to have McDonald’s with the principal of your school, because you were the Top AR reader in your class as well. Seriously. You are such a good reader. You love to read all kinds of books. You recently finished the Box Car children’s 1st book. Also, you just got done reading Matthew 1 and 2. It was hilarious because you didn’t say anything until after you read Matthew 1, but you asked me, “Mom, why is this whole chapter about weird names?” HA! I had to explain to you what the geneology of Christ was. I love that you didn’t try to skip over it, but tried to sound out each and every name in that long list.

*Parker, you are experiencing a change within your soccer club. At u10 you are moving towards a tiered enviornment, meaning that there is going to be an “A” team consisting of the top players, and so on. There were more than 50 kids who tried out for the teams. We have been practicing every single day outside before the tryouts. You are up to 126 juggles, which is AMAZING considering you could only do 2 to 4 when the season started last year. Anyways, the day of your tryouts, you woke up with poison ivy all over your face, neck, and arm. I gave you a medicine, put calamine lotion on you, and sent you to tryouts. You ended up doing fantastic. More to come on this subject in a few days.

*Kent, I took you shopping with me a few weeks ago, and you fell in love with the hamsters at one of the kiosks. You are now begging each and every day for one of these little furballs for your birthday in a month. Lord help us all.

*And lastly, our fish Spike is constipated. Apparently this is no laughing matter. Spike is floating sideways in the water, and can’t bring himself to be upright because there is so much waste in his system. This is ridiculous, and reason #1 as to why Kent’s dream for a hamster is probably never going to materialize. I have no compassion or patience for a constipated and high maintenance fish…I don’t think I can handle the responsibility of a hamster.

Love you both. I vow to you to be a better blogger and recorder of your life’s memories from here on out.


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  1. I’m happy you’re back. I’m happy you’re memorializing your life. Your boys are true treasures and it’s no wonder – they have some pretty fabulous parents. Love you so much, sweet friend!

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  2. I thought you had fallen off the band wagon — glad to see you on here again and see your updates. I completely agree about the bragging on your children — if one doesn’t like seeing me brag about my girls on the blog then guess what??? NO ONE IS MAKING YOU READ IT — GO AWAY!!

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    • haha. A few years ago I changed my blog to be a journal for the boys. I don’t scrapbook, I don’t keep baby books, I’m not that great at capturing memories via camera…so this is how I record their journeys. Can I help that my kids are incredible? HAHA.

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