I took you boys shopping today while I had to look for some “unmentionables”. Oh. My. Heavens. I will never ever ever do that again (Taylor Swift, anyone?). You boys refused to open your eyes as we were in the bra section, so you kept bumping in to racks and shelves and hangers. You were singing, “I hate bras. Bras are gross.” and then you would make fun of each other, “Kent likes Bras. He likes bras”, to which Kent would respond, “Parker likes Bras. and other girl stuff that’s gross…” etc etc. Then you had my phone, and unbeknownst to me, you were filming me as I was walking, and you were zooming in on my hind end…and giggling hysterically.

I remember when you were toddlers and we used to have to shop and run errands, and I would wish for the days when you were older. I mistakenly thought that this types of endeavors would be easier. Boy, was I wrong. It was so much easier shopping when the two of you were confined in strollers and unaware of your surroundings. I could keep you somewhat occupied by giving you juice and goldfish crackers.

On the bright side, I don’t spend as much money when the two of you are with me. I just try to get done as fast as possible.



Author: bethany

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  1. I love your stories =) You are a brave woman! One day we cut through JC Penney to get to the library at Alton Square. Gabe was staring at the manequins in the lingerie section as he walked by and about knocked an older woman over. We don’t go that way to the library anymore.

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