I was just thinking of this….last month when I was having a big allergy flare, I was in extreme pain one day. I was in bed curled in a fetal position, and it just led to an emotional crisis. I called Daddy at work and just asked him if he could come home to see me. In 12 years, I have never ever done that..so that shows how desperate I was. Daddy is a busy man these days, but he dropped what he was doing and came home. He came in, helped me get in the covers in bed, he adjusted my pillows for me, and he rubbed my back while I cried and let it all out. He sat at my side until I calmed down, and eventually fell asleep.

That is romance boys. Take note. Romance isn’t flowers, diamonds, or poems…well, maybe it is, to some. To me, romance is when a man rescues the damsel in distress. On that day, I was the damsel in distress, and my knight and shining armor came to rub my back until I feel asleep. Love him.

Author: bethany

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