Last night I cuddled you boys in bed, and we had some deep conversations about God. I was sharing my testimony with you, as I do often. I think it’s important for you to know that even though I grew up in a Christian home, I still had to take ownership of my faith. As a result of my story, you boys had several questions.

Parker, you are very concerned about hearing God’s voice. You don’t think you’ve heard him at this point in your life, and you want to know how you’ll hear Him, when you’ll hear him, and what He’ll say.

It’s an abstract concept to explain, but I set aside all my theology training, and the cliche’s of the church, and I tried to make it as simple as possible.

A few weeks ago I was very sick, and you said, “Mom, let’s just stop and pray right now.” I told you that you recognizing the need to stop and talk to God, was an idea that God put on your heart. He spoke to you and nudged you to consider praying for me. That was you hearing God’s voice.

Then, I told you how when I was telling you and brother to get along you and you said, “Yes, I should have patience because that’s a fruit of the spirit.”…that was God speaking to your heart and reminding you to act like Jesus.

When you realized that those 2 instances were examples of God speaking to you, your eyes widened, and a smile exploded. You were so excited that God talked to you, and it seems you made the connection of what His voice sounds like and feels like.

I told you if we were in a crowd and I yelled out your names, you boys would know it’s me. It’s the same with God. The more time we spend with him, the longer we are in a relationship with him, we begin to recognize His voice. That answer seemed to satisfy you.

Kent, then you chimed in with the adverse…”If God speaks to me and tells me to do good things, then does the devil speak to me and tell me to do bad things? If the devil tries to get me to do bad things I am just going to tell him that I love God and not him.”

I love you two. I pray for wisdom as we navigate through the complex parts of your spiritual journey, I surrender you to the Lord so he’ll be your shepherd on this path, and I pray that in all of your seeking and questioning, the Holy Sprit would protect your mind and lead you to Truth.




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