We went on a retreat this past weekend with the staff of the other churches in the Cornerstone Network. It was a great time of connecting with other pastor’s who are attempting to advance the work of the Lord in St. Louis and the surrounding area. Daddy spoke at the closing session, and one of the things he said is this “A leader puts his followers first”. That sentence has really stuck with me these last 36 hours. Jesus is the prime example of this: he put his desires, his comfort, his will, and his “rights” aside, all for the good of his followers. He was inconvenienced, yet he served. He had times where he was tired, yet he served. He had times when he was betrayed, yet he served. He had times when his followers failed, yet he served them. Off all the things a leader is, a servant is at the heart and core of their being. At least that’s how Jesus lived. As a leader, I am inspired to put the needs of the followers, ahead of my own. What’s good for them? What will minister to them? What will bless them? What will grow them? All of my ideas or agendas or goals or comforts…..and all that I am, goes second. To lead is to love, and to love is to serve.

Author: bethany

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