Kent’s First Piano lesson

Kent, you’ve expressed a desire to play the drums. Now, for several reasons I have a hesitancy about that, so Daddy and I decided to introduce you to piano first.  We told you that in order to play the drums, you had to take 6 months of piano lessons. I have no problem paying for the lessons, however, I didn’t particularly want to invest in a piano if this hobby didn’t stick. So, our friend, not only agreed to give you lessons, but also to let us borrow her keyboard for the time being.

She came to the house last night, set up the keyboard, and gave you your first lesson. Of course, I’m a helicopter mom, and I was recording from the hallway. This morning you were up and did your assignment by 7:30 am. As soon as you got back from basketball today, you came inside and went and got your piano workbook, and did pages 2-17 on your own. I am so proud of your effort! I hope this new musical endeavor helps you grow, and gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

Author: bethany

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