I’m a blogging machine! Well, that is what happens when you’ve been held prisoner in your home by Influenza B.

Daddy was still very sick, and I knew you two would go to bed early because you are still fighting this nasty flu virus, so I was able to go to church this evening. I love being in the house of God. It does my soul good to be with other believers calling on Jesus and exalting Him to His rightful place.

I had time at the altar, which I crave. I don’t always get to give my time there my fullest attention. Whenever I’m praying after a service, I’m constantly thinking about the mischief that the two of you are getting in to back in our seats. But tonight, since you weren’t with me, I got to pray at the altar as long as my heart desired.

I surrendered 2013 to the Lord, and I thanked Him for His faithfulness in 2012. I realigned my goals, and re-centered my heart. The Holy Spirit really spoke to me about pursuing Jesus above all else. Even the good things…I want to disciple new believers, mentor young moms, inspire the collegiate generation, encourage the mature in their faith, grow the church, serve the broken, speak more often..etc, etc. But even though all of those are gooooood things, none of them are Jesus. . I can get so caught up working for God, that I forget to sit at His feet and just be in His presence.

Tonight, I pledged to seek first HIM FIRST and foremost, and then, He can use me to work for Him. But I must seek Him above all else. Again, it’s not what I do for God that pleases Him, it’s simply who I am that brings Him joy. Amen and Amen. Seeking God’s presence, brings Him more joy than planning a week of VBS for 100 kids. Seriously. It has taken me this long in our ministry tenure to realize that. My first desire is to know Jesus more in 2013, then I did in 2012. And as a result of that, the natural outcome will be that others will come to know Him. As I know Him, He will be made known.

God gave me this verse, and it will be my guidepost for 2013….Matthew 6;33 “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.” 

What are “all these things” referring to? Everything that has the potential to make me worry or fear. Everything that my heart, soul, and body longs for will be fulfilled in Jesus. Everything that I have wanted is found in the Kingdom of God. All the good things I strive for, all the desires of my heart, the dreams and visions God has placed within me, the hopes and plans for my future and my family…all these find completion in Jesus and His Kingdom. I pledge to seek the one who saved my soul, who died so I could live, who gives me abundant life presently, and who is coming back to get me soon.

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