Annual End-Of-Year Survey

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What was your favorite thing about 2012?

Parker: “I really don’t know. Uh….I don’t know. How about everything?”
Kent: “It was probably everything. ”


What was something sad that happened in 2012?

Parker: “When Uncle Andy died…don’t steal mine, Kent.”

Kent: “That’s a hard question. Everything was sad.” (What? You just said that everything was your favorite.)


What is something you want to thank God for in 2012?

Parker: “That He made a family for me.”

Kent:“He made the earth.”


What is something you want to ask God to do in 2013?

Parker: “To try my best in school, soccer. ”

Kent: “Help me to do good in piano when I start.”


What is a goal you want to accomplish in 2013?

Parker: ” To be more nicer to my brother, get better grades (not sure how you can do that Mr. Straight A), to be cleaner in my room (Amen to that!) , to spend more time with my brother (awe) and to cuddle you more (can I get a ‘hallelujah!?”)

Kent: “I want to beat Skylander Giants video game. And, I want to eat more (and this is why I love you).

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