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We cannot catch a break.

Christmas 2010: At Christmas morning breakfast at Mimi and Pop Pop’s house, Parker stood up and said, “My mouth hurts”, and proceeded to puke at the beautifully set table.

Christmas 2011: Parker and Kent get strep throat on the 26th (at least it was after the majority of the festivities.)

Christmas 2012: My chronic allergy condition returned, and caused me to be in pain. Christmas morning at 3 am, Kent starts screaming from the office bedroom that he and Parker are sharing..”My head! My head!” Sure enough, I take his temp to find he has a 103 fever. I give him medicine, and put him in bed with Erik and I. He wakes up like nothing ever happened at 6:30 and is ready to open gifts. Parker wakes up shortly after, and says, “ughh. I don’t feel good. My tummy really really hurts.” So, we open up gifts from Santa with 3 members of our family in less than prime physical condition. By the next day, both boys have high temps of 103 and test positive for Influenza. We cancel all the plans that we had for the entire trip (Medievil Times, hotel with Mangialardi’s, etc) and we come home back to Bethalto, so we don’t get anyone else sick.

I am having to focus on the fact that in the grand scheme of life, the flu bug is hardly a travesty. For the most part, we are a healthy family who continually sees God’s blessings on our life…there should be no reason to complain.

Here’s to DEF getting the flu shot next year!

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