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Parker, you are cracking me up these days. You are so stinkin competitve (I have no idea where you get that from-maybe it’s because you’re the first born child of two first born children). You are like me in that you are competitive with yourself. You want to beat all of your own goals, and your biggest opponent is you.  For example, you have met 196% of your AR goal at school. You want to beat your points from last year, so you purposefully pick out the hardest and longest books you can find in the library to help you achieve that goal. I’m not sure if you love the competition aspect, or if you love the feeling of accomplishment when the task is completed.

I am proud of you for being a self-starter. Here is my prayer and challenge to you. I pray that you don’t put extra pressure on yourself to DO everything. My hope for you is to BE who God created you to be. Be content in HIS love for you. You don’t have to earn His grace or His affection. Jesus freely gives it to you, and it His joy to give you value and worth.

All my life, one of my biggest vices has been to find fulliment in doing things, rather than in being a child of God. It’s the constant battle in my life, and I pray that you do not inherit that shortcoming. When I see elements of that surface in you, I’m quick to remind you that God loves you for you…5 goals a game or 0, that God cherishes you if you don’t pass your 8’s on the multiplication test, that you are valuable if your reading level is 7th grade or 1st grade. I try desparately to place the emphasis on who you are rather than on what you accomplish. I try to highlight of your effort, rather than on the outcome of your effort.

Who you are is a blessing to me and our family. I love your sensitive heart, I love your desire to teach your brother, and your genuine care and concern for him. I love that you ask deep questions about God and that you are not afraid to talk about Jesus to others. I love that you’re not too cool to come and sit on my lap and let me hold you. Thank you for being you. You are valuable to God and to our family. I am so thankful for you!


Author: bethany

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