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Kent, you have to know how much joy you bring to our lives. You are funny, and you don’t even try to be. Well, sometimes you try to be (like today at Old Navy when you kept pinching all the mannequins on the hind end). But most of the time, just your authentic answers to questions make us laugh.

This morning I asked you why you no longer come in our bed the second you get up. It used to be that every single morning, we could count on you coming in our room at 6:30 for some morning cuddles. Recently, you’ve been getting yourself up, and going downstairs to watch TV or play games.

“Kent, why don’t you cuddle us in the morning anymore?”

“Because, I’m too old for that stuff!”

“NEVER. You can cuddle us no matter how old you are!”

“Even when I’m an old grandma?” (hopefully, you’ll never be a grandma….)

In the last 2 days, these are the questions you asked me.

“How old is the chain saw?”

“Is Mary still alive?”

“Can anyone else in the universe teleport like God can?”

Please child. I do not know where life will take you. I do not know if you will ever struggle with feelings of self-confidence and worth, but you have to know that you are uniquely gifted to bring joy to the lives of others. You don’t have to be something you’re not, you don’t have to try and be anyone other than yourself. Who you are enriches the lives of everyone that you meet. I thank God for you, for you are a constant source of encouragement and joy in my life.

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