Well boys, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon temporarily. I’ve been going a mile a minute, but today, I’m sick as a dog, so I actually have time to stop and write.

Parker, you make me so proud. A few things that you have done recently have shown me that you are growing up in to a fine young man. First, you were reading a Calvin and Hobb’s cartoon book, and you came across some material in which Calvin was being called a “god”. You pointed it out to me and said, “I know that’s not right, so I am just going to skip this section.” I love that you are learning to judge what is good and pure and to focus on those things, and to ignore those things which you know are wrong. And then, last night you could tell that I was very sick (I have NO voice and am only able to screech out a whisper when I talk). As I was tucking you in to bed you said, “Mom, I just want to take a break right here and pray for you”. And you did. I love that you were so sensitive to my needs, and that you knew to call on God. I pray for your heart to remain moldable to who God wants you to be and to what He wants to do with you, and I pray that you continue to grow in your sensitivity to the needs of those around you.

Kenters, I am so proud of you. You are turning in to quite the student here lately. I had parent teacher conferences this week, and you received a glowing report for your academics. You are above average in both reading and math. I have been so impressed with how much you want to read, and how much of the content you retain when you are finished with a book. I was the substitute teacher in your class on Friday, and I got to see firsthand how you interact with your classmates. My heart swelled when I saw you offer your help to your friends with the math portion of the work. AFter you finished your assignment, you helped others near you do their work as well. Such a big heart you have. Also, I love that you’re cute :). You have desperately wanted to jump in a pile of leaves, so all on your own, you got the rake from the garage and clean up the few leaves that we do have in our lawn. Then you went and got Parker and the two of you enjoyed a favorite fall past-time of kids everywhere, by jumping and flipping in the crunchy leaves. What a fine young man you are. I pray that this desire to help others is cultivate in your heart to an even greater capacity and I pray for your desire to learn to continue to expand.

I cannot believe you two munchkins are 6 and 8. Stop growing up. Please and Thank You.

Love, Mom

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