Oh Parker. You have such a tender heart. Last night after church we were eating chicken, when it dawned on you that you were eating…well, an actual chicken. Out of concern you asked what part you were eating, and I told you it was thigh. I also told you that we eat the chicken’s legs, wings, and breast. Your eyes were as round as saucers and the look of pure horror crossed your face.

Before you stepped off the ledge to vegetarianism, your dad quickly pulled you off the cliff.  He told you that men like meat, and I then added that a lot of men not only like to eat meat, but they like to hunt animals, skin them, and then eat them. We told you that’s why God gave us certain animals, and it’s not wrong to eat them.

You seemed okay with our carnivore oriented pep talk, so you took a giant bite of your chicken…and then….you saw a red tendon…and gagged.

I’m not a big meat eater either and that’s why I douse everything in ketchup. Maybe we’ll try that next time for you, but if you don’t like meat, I think that may be the equivalent of not liking the Cubs…your dad may have a heart attack. 🙂


Author: bethany

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