Kent’s Milestone

Kenters, you lost your first tooth yesterday. It was wiggly for quite some time, and finally I just yanked it out for you. You were extremely upset with me for pulling out your tooth. You wouldn’t pose for a picture, so I put these glasses on you to make you “invisible”, and then you agreed. Last night at bedtime, you were sound asleep, but Parker was wide awake. When I asked Parker why he was up still he answered, “Kent told me to stay up to see if the Tooth Fairy really comes, or if it’s just you.” You’re a smart kid, Kent….getting Parker to do the dirty work for ya.

The Tooth Fairy left you $5, and I took you to Dollar Tree where you picked out 5 items (2 Ninjas, 2 Silly Puddy Eggs, and Paddle Ball). As we were walking in to the store you declared the dollar store to be your favorite shop in the world, because, “You can just buy so much stuff for just 1 little dollar”.

Minutes before I started this post you were walking around the house and you said, “I am so proud of myself for losing my 1st tooth.” HA! No self-esteem problems here. 🙂

Author: bethany

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