So today was a tough parenting day. Sometimes it would be easier to ignore behavior issues and character flaws in you. Correcting and directing can be exhausting for a parent. But, we love you, so we discipline and teach tirelessly.

We tried to end the night on a positive note, and we tried something new during our nightly prayer time. We took turns laying hands on each family member and corporately praying for each person. I read “Praying Circles Around Your Children” by Mark Batterson, and he talks about the importance of laying your hands on your children while you pray for them. Then, I am also reading “The Blessing” by Smalley and Trent, and again, they reiterate the power of laying hands on those you are praying for and blessing. So, we did this tonight. It was special and powerful.

Here are some of the cute things you prayed for during this time..

“please help Daddy not to get scared when he goes on stage to talk to people and help him live long.”-Kent

“please help Mommy run and ride her bike faster.”-Kent

“please help Mommy be a good wife to the pastor”-Parker

“please help Parker not cheat in Mario Memory”-Kent

“please help Kent to make lots of friends”-Parker

It was precious hearing you. We usually do a version of the “squeeze prayer” where each person prays out loud alone, but I think you felt a little more free to pray while we were all praying at the same time. We’ll do this again for sure.





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