Today was the first day of school. Parker, you are now in 3rd grade, and Kent, you are now in 1st grade. The morning honestly started out a bit rough. We had a later-than-usual night yesterday, and it caught up to all of us this morning. After we stumbled through our morning routine, we managed to capture a few pictures where you were both smiling (i’ll post those later). Thankfully by the time we reached each of your schools, all of our hearts were happy.

Parker, your school’s parking lot was insane, so I just dropped you off instead of walking you to the door. This is your 3rd school year here, so you know the ropes quite well.

Kent, I asked you if you would like me to park the car and walk you to the building, or if you would like me to drop you off. You chose to have me drop you off. I was a little bit sad that you didn’t need me to escort you to the gym, but on the other hand, I was so proud of you and your confidence and independence.

You’ve asked me before what I do when you’re gone, so here ya go:

After I dropped you both off, I went to Walmart alone for the first time since May 18th-I miss you both, but it’s nice to grocery shop without chasing you down aisle or breaking up arguments, or saying “no” 1,000 times when you ask if you can buy 570298 boxes of candy.

I put my freezer items in a cooler bag, and then went to the gym. I ran 5 miles, and then took my sweaty self home. I put groceries away, showered, made 2 dinners for families in the church who just had babies, folded laundry for over an hour, sorted through all sizes of clothes and organized them, made dinner, sat at the bus stop for over an hour waiting for you, dropped off previously mentioned dinners, and here we are. We are enjoying some free time before we eat dinner and head out to an hour and half soccer practice at SIUE for Parker.

Let the chaos begin…..



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