Once again, the Word of God has brought comfort and peace to my spirit. I sat down this morning with my Bible, a cup of coffee, and two chocolate chip cookies, and read the Mark 5, and Proverbs 16. I am feeling a bit anxious about the upcoming business meeting on Sunday evening, and I knew that instead of stressing, I needed to sit down and connect with God. And let me tell you, He is so faithful! When we seek Him, we find Him, and when our hearts are open, He speaks to us.

My prayer is that when your soul is restless, you turn to the Word of God. It’s amazing how many times I have been dealing with a situation, and opened up the Bible, and immediately the Holy Spirit gives me a verse to bring light and truth to the situation. The Word of God gives me perspective, gentle reminders, and loving conviction.

The Word of God will always be relevant to your life, and it will always bring Truth to your situation. Turn to the Bible first.

Author: bethany

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