Well Boys, when is our life not crazy? When we said “yes” to following God’s call on our life to serve Him in ministry, I don’t think we ever imagined what an adventure that it would be. When we agreed to follow God’s direction and come to Bethalto 2.5 years ago, and serve at Cornerstone, I don’t know that I’ve ever been more scared and excited at the same time. Looking back on our tenure here, it’s been amazing to see how God has remained faithful to us, how He has orchestrated our circumstances, and ordained our steps.

In the next week, we will be facing a pivotal point in our journey. Although I may be anxious about the result of the fork in our road, I am comforted that God already knows which turn our life will take.

There is such freedom and peace in having Jesus not only as your Savior, but as you Lord. There is such freedom and peace when you surrender your life’s purpose to His will. There is such freedom and peace when you follow Him.

Author: bethany

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  1. Love and praying for you, BFF!

    Whatever you need, He is there. I’ll be praying and I’m just a phone call, text, message away.



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