(you two re-inacting your time on the roller coaster)


I remember last year when we went to 6 Flags as a family. We enjoyed some time riding the attractions that were calm and comfortable for the two of you, but eventually Daddy and I decided we need to expose you to the REAL fun that is the Screaming Eagle. You boys protested, but we pulled rank and forced you on to this ride. You screamed, shook, cried, but ultimately we all enjoyed the experience (somewhat-hehee).

As I was running this morning my thoughts traveled to our current circumstances with the transition occurring in our lives with our leaders, Pastor and Renee, moving on to a new chapter of ministry. I feel like you probably felt last summer. I have really enjoyed this last 2.5 years of ministry..they have been calm and comfortable. But by a choice that was not made by me, I’ve been placed on a new ride that is scary and unpredictable…the Screaming Eagle of ministry, if you will. I’m sure after this “ride”is over, I will have enjoyed the experience, but for now I can’t help but feel as if God is forcing me to ride this roller coaster that I’m terrified of riding.

But just as your dad and I forced you to onto a frightening attraction, we knew that you would be safe, and we knew the outcome—that you’d be happy for the experience. I am sure that my Heavenly Father is perceiving this situation in much the same way…our previous season of ministry has been fun, but the phase that we are about to embark on will be thrilling, extreme, and adventurous, and ultimately the experience will grow us, stretch us, and cause us to be better followers of Christ and ministers of His word. God does not want us to live a boring and dull life, that I’m convinced of…even though dull and boring is fine by me!! haha.

So Buckle Up boys…we are going for a ride.

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