You are tooo much child. You have so many qualities in you that I love and actually admire. You inspire me to be me. I love how with you, there is no pretense. You are who you are, and you make no bones about it. I respect that quality in you, and I pray that it becomes a permanent characteristic.

You have such a strong personality, but just underneath, you have such a sweet and sensitive heart. You are so quick to say, “I love you”. I don’t have to ask you for it-if you see me sitting on the couch as you are walking from the kitchen to the basement, you’ll make a pit stop in the living room just to kiss me on the cheek and tell me you love me. How did I get so blessed?!?!?!? Who you are at your core has lifted my heavy heart on so many occasions. You are my own personal pep talker and mood lifter.

Last night I crawled in bed with you to pray over you, and you embraced me strongly and snuggled in closely. After a few minutes of cuddling, you simply turned to me and whispered, “Okay Mom, you can go  now.” It’s moments like that which make my heart heart laugh. You love the cuddling, but when you want to sleep, you want to sleep-and you have no problem dismissing me so you can get down to business.

You are going to make a great husband one day. You’re honest about how your feeling, but you are considerate about other’s as well. You are sensitive and very open with your feelings and affections. You are going to make one lady a very happy person!

Author: bethany

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