AHHH Boys, God is funny sometimes.

On Mother’s Day, I was honored to be able to preach in our morning service, and I spoke about how Mary, the mother of Jesus teaches us how to handle stress in our lives, and Hannah, the mother of Samuel, teaches us how to handle disappointment we face. Well, wouldn’t you know, within 9 days of that message, our family was presented with a turn of events that brought both of these issues of stress and disappointment to the forefront of our journey. Our senior pastor and his wife, whom we love, adore, and respect, are taking on a new position at the state level for the Assemblies of God, and will no longer be leading our church. Daddy is a staff pastor who serves under our senior pastor, so this transition directly effects his job and our ministry as well. The uncertainty of our life now is bringing on a great deal of stress, and the thought of losing our pastor and his wife (whom we looooooooove working for) is greatly disappointing. I am having to put in to practice what I preached.

Then last week in College/Career I spoke about remaining committed to Christ regardless of what our life’s circumstances may be. I told the young adults in our group that our lives will have valleys, pits, and uneven paths, but we have to remain faithful to Jesus. Two days after I spoke that message, I received a call from my boss who I had been working with for 2.5 years, and because of changes in his company, he had to let me go. Daddy’s job is uncertain at this point, and now mine is no more. I am having to put in to practice what I preached yet again.

I told Daddy that if this pattern continues of having to practice what I just preached, then my next message is going to be “How to Handle Unexpected Wealth.” Heeheee

Am I stressed? YES! Am I disappointed? YES! Am I in a valley, a pit, and walking what seems to be a very uneven and therefore uncertain path? Yes. Will I remain committed to Jesus? Yes…with the help of the Holy Spirit.

I wonder if the Lord had laid the themes of those last two messages I preached on my heart in preparation for the path HE knew I’d have to walk down.

But, I know God is faithful. I keep thinking of Isaiah 43:2, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned, the flames will not set you ablaze”. WHEN you pass the waters and fire…not “if”-Difficulty in life is inevitable. When I face trials, HE IS WITH  ME. HE will not allow me to be destroyed. I am HIS child, and HE loves me. HE is a good God, and loving Father. The hand that holds my life is stable, secure, and sovereign. In Jesus will I trust. HE will protect us. HE will provide for us.

Boys, when you walk through waters in your life, when you walk through fire in your life, you will not be destroyed. If Jesus lives in you, you will come out victorious. AMEN.

Author: bethany

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