please keep this at the forefront of your mind: If you want to experience God’s blessing on your life, than walk in a way that is consistent with who HE is. I am baffled at some professed believers that chose to live in a way that is clearly not consistent with the Word of God, and yet they expect God to bless their life, relationships, and endeavors. God is Holy, and the Word clearly says that He desires us to be holy as well. Too many people buy into the lie that God is most concerned about their happiness, and this leads them to justify sinful behavior because “God wants me to be happy. God doesn’t want me to be lonely. God understands my “needs”.” Hear this and take this to heart my dear dear children: God does want you to be happy, but true happiness comes from being in a right relationship with Jesus. Period. I’m happiest when I’m living a life that is holy, and worthy of the calling that I have received. If your pursuit of “happiness” is compromising your holiness, then you are chasing the wrong thing and walking down the wide path instead of the narrow one. If your happiness is leading you to disobedience, then don’t expect God to bless you. Lasting happiness flows from holiness. Truth.

Author: bethany

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  1. Posted this on twitter yesterday, from CS Lewis: “When we lose one blessin, another is often most unexpectedly given in it’s place.
    Miss you guys. God always has a plan for His glory and our good.

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    • I saw you post that on Twitter yesterday and thought it was so appropriate for what I was going through!

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