This nonsense has to stop RIGHT NOW!!!! In the past week, you have graduated from Kindergarten, learned how to ride a two wheeler, learned how to pump your legs on the swing, learned how to climb the challenging tree at the baseball field,  read your first few chapter books, and are showing a sudden interest in all things sports related.

Pace yourself, child. You CANNOT be doing all of these things at once. I need to time to adjust to you growing so quickly. All of these milestones are too much for this mommy to digest at once.

Can you please wait a bit before you lose your first tooth and learn to tie your shoes? At this rate, you aren’t going to to need me by the time you turn 6 in July.

Good thing you are still as snuggley as ever, and good thing you still love to kiss your momma.

Love you my growing-too-quickly-munchkin.

Author: bethany

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