Mother’s Day:

Parker, here are the contents of the book you made for me, “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mom”.

1) You teach me things about the Bible

2) You let me have friends over

3) You make sure that I am safe

4) You cuddle me, you hug me, and you kiss me

5) You tell me words that I don’t know how to read

6) You always give me advice when I do something wrong

7) You always say “I love you”.

8) You are funny.

9) You help me with my homework

10) I love you Mom most of all, because you are always by me.


Kent, you made me several cards and they all said “I love You” and “#1 Mom”. You did such a great job coloring and drawing pictures of me and you. You also told Parker to be extra careful not to step on any cracks or lines so you wouldn’t break my back or spine on Mother’s Day. I love you for being so thoughful.

You make this job the best there is in the world. I love you both with every inch of my heart.

Author: bethany

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