I have dropped the blogging ball! We’ve had a jammed packed schedule, and unitl my 1/2 marathon is over next Sunday, I won’t have opportunity to sit and recount all of our activities.

I really don’t like to do this, but here is our life in bullet point format. šŸ™‚


*Parker, you have been playing baseball and soccer non-stop. You had a slow start to the baseball season, but you are picking it up!!! Your glove has improved so much, and you caught 2 line drives at short-stop the last game. Your bat speed has gotten faster as well, and you are making much more contact…and your fast little legs have you safe more times than not. Soccer is presenting a bit of an issue for us, because although we like your current coach and the club, we aren’t sure you are getting the best training possible…and you’ve got the raw talent, so we want to be sure to set you up for success.

*Kenters, you can’t wait for your T-ball season to start. You have shown a sudden interest in soccer and baseball, and it thrills my heart! haha. We also signed you up for an art camp that the Mrs. Keller is hosting, and you are very excited about it. Really, you have a well rounded area of interests. You still love to snuggle. Last night you and Parker and Daddy were on one couch and I was on the other couch, and you just walked over to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and went back to sit by Dad. Your heart is as big as your appetite.

*Lastly, we held our 2nd annual garage sale for Missions. Last year our proceeds went to the Wyatts in Vietnam, and this year we are sending our income to Jamie and Tasha Kemp in Indonesia. I was so proud of you boys. You sold over $100 of lemonade, pretzels, and homemade ninja stars. You put in a solid 4 hours of work even though it was almost 90 degrees. You worked hard, and I am hoping that it inspired you to give to missions.



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