You boys sat in this evening’s service as Pastor Ramon Gernados from a church plant in Washington, IL shared his testimony. He relayed to us how he grew up in a violent part of Jaurez, Mexico. At the age of 16 he came to the United States, and sadly got involved in a life of crime. While in prison, the Lord grabbed hold of his heart, and he has been serving Jesus ever since.

On the way home from church you were talking about how Pastor Ramon shared that he had stabbed someone 15x, and that Jesus forgave him. I asked you, “Isn’t that such a great testimony? God forgives us and loves us and uses us no matter what we do.”

“What’s a testimony” Parker asked?

“It’s when you tell about what God has done for you and in you. So, Parker, what is your testimony?”

“Well, you know. God has made me a really good soccer player.” (no self esteem issues here!)

“Yes, that’s true. And what about when we moved here you cried and cried because you were afraid you wouldn’t have any friends. And look what happened. On your very first day of kindergarten here, you met Peyton, and he has been your best bud since. See? God knew you were afraid, and he gave you a friend. THAT’s a testimony.”

“Yes! That’s MY testimony.”

“What’s my testimony mom?” Kent asked. (you cannot be left out of anything! haha)

“Think about it. What has God done in you and for you?”

“Hmmm. He gave me another chance to be good. He gave me forgiveness, and He gave me a really big tummy so I could eat a lot of food.” (you were as serious as could be)

“Umm…yes. That is a great testimony!” I reiterated.

“And Kent, he gave you the talent of silliness so you can make our family laugh.” Parker chimed in.

You boys have testimony. God blessed you by giving you godly parents who are teaching you to walk in the ways of the Lord. God has been faithful to you. God has loved you with an everlasting love.

Amen and Amen. Now I pray that you will share freely what God has done so that His name can be glorified and His kingdom expanded.

Author: bethany

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