Dewey’s Pizza in Edwardsville

I will preface this blog by admitting that I am a self proclaimed pizza snob. Growing up near Chicago and having Italian roots means that I have tasted some of the best pizza out there. I love my cousin Danny Alberga’s pizza that his restaurant Bella Luna (Chicago and Glendale Heights) serves. I also love a good stuffed pizza as any Chicagoan, but if I had to pick, I’d probably choose Lou Malnadi’s. I’m also a glutton for a nice thin but hearty pizza, like Rosati’s. 

Since being here in Bethalto for almost 2.5 years, I have come to adore a Roma’s sausage and onion pizza. YUM. I was diagnosed with food allergies over a year ago,and when I violate the diet I’m in a great deal of pain. But for a Roma’s pizza…I’m willing to pay the price. It’s that good.

I had been hearing good feedback about Dewey’s Pizza in Edwardsville, so today the fam and I gave it a try. My first impression was positive, but that was based soley on the atmosphere of the eatery. They industrial and contemporary decoration gives the place a clean, sleek, and “yuppy” feel….and it reminds me of a place I’d see at home near Naperville, IL. My children LOVED that they were able to observe the pizzas being made through a glass window. The pizza maker playfully indulged my children as they watched, and he preformed several “tricks” while tossing the dough. My boys stood at that  observation window from the time we walked in, and they stayed there until our pizza was served.  The service was also excellent, if not superb. The waitress was attentive and proactive with the refilling of our drinks, and she continually checked on us to see if we needed anything else to make our visit great.

Now for the unfortunate part. The pizza. I feel sad saying that, because of all of the positives, I really really really wanted to like the food so that we could return here, but the pizza was not great…maybe even “bad”. I know! I feel terrible! We ordered a “build your own” with simply their house sauce, seasonings, and sausage. I found the sauce to be pasty and bland, and the actual dough was soggy and mushy. It reminded me of how my pizza turns out when I attempt to make it at home(that was my husband’s lovely comment)…and we all know I am not an “ace” in the kitchen.  I was very disappointed, because the outward elements of the atmosphere and service were superb.  But nice decorations and polite staff aren’t going to be bring me back to a restaurant. I have to like the food. Isn’t that what I’m paying for, afterall?

Erik made a comment about how maybe because we ordered a very basic pizza we missed what Dewey’s really has to offer, and that would be a specialty pizza. Maybe we will give it another try and be more bold with our choices of toppings, but that means we have to go on a night when our children are not present. I may like to try the goat cheese and artichoke pizza, but I’m pretty sure the boys would pass on that.

Our total came to $35 with drinks and a side Greek salad, and when I compare it to Roma’s we usually spend around $10 less to eat there. So, the verdict is in. This Northern Illinois girl with Italian roots will still choose Roma’s every time to satisfy the craving for pizza when I’m in the St. Louis area.

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  1. I misspelled “glutton” as “gluten” haaaa!

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  2. I feel your pain/remorse about bad pizza. Since moving to Tulsa, we have only one place that we actually return to….and it’s NY style. 🙁 Although the locals will proclaim several places to be “Awesome, great or any other positive adjective, they aren’t).
    We take to making our own.
    “Chicago style” down here means a thin crust pizza made in a deep dish pan, filled with cheese.

    Sigh. Rosati’s, Malnati’s, Uno’s…Sometimes I am tempted to go to Pizza Hut for some type of standard.

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