Kent’s 1st Chapter Book

Kent, it has been an uphill battle to get you to read. You LOVE getting read to, but you don’t like to participate very much. I may have used your teacher’s name to my advantage earlier in the week. I told you that she instructed me to nudge you to begin to read chapter books. You resisted, but then I sweetened the deal. I proposed giving you $5 after you finished your very first chapter book. You still weren’t super thrilled, so I compromised. I read a page, and then you would read a page. Then I passed you along to Daddy, who continued in the same routine. By chapter 3, your interests were peaked, and you needed no more wooing. On Monday night you stayed up until 9:30 pm, and I had to force the book out of your hands.

I’ve been asking you questions about the book as you read, to ensure your comprehension. You are so impressive little man! Now our summer incentive includes $1 for each finished chapter book, upon the passing of an oral comprehension test.  I am so proud of you, Kent. Reading will open so many doors for you, and now your world has just expanded.

Go Kenters!!!!!

Author: bethany

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