Peer Pressure so soon?


Boys, I know I am not supposed to worry about future events that may or may not ever even happen, but I’ve been considering the issue of peer pressure. Typically, this issue climaxes in the teenage years, but if I wait until then to discuss it with you, I’ve waited too long.

Certain situations have come up recently that have opened my eyes to the pressure that exists even now (at 8 and almost 6) for you to conform or for you to compromise what you know is right.  I want you to not only know what the right thing to do is, but I want you to feel EMPOWERED to act on your convictions.

I pray that the Holy Spirit reminds you of the right choices to make, and I pray that you feel strong enough to stick to your intuitions. As a parent, I feel responsible to equip you with the esteem and security necessary to make bold choices, as unpopular as they are.

I made choices as a teenager that ultimately determined my direction in life. I said “no” to alcohol when it was offered to me as a 15 year old at a party, and then continually after that. I said “no” to smoking when it was offered to me as a 7th grader, and then contiunally after that. But, I give my parents credit for the bold choices I made. They made me feel secure and loved, and empowered me to stand up for what I believe in. I pray that Daddy and I can lead you in that same manner. We can’t make the tough choices for you, but we can certainly train you and equip you to boldly do the right thing. And when we see areas of compromise in your actions, it’s our responsibility to discuss the matter, discipline the poor judgement, and then direct you to making the right choice in the future.

Love you my little men-in-training. I pray for you to be strong, to resist pressure, and to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is blessing in obedience.

Author: bethany

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