Family Photo Session courtesy of Rebecca Keller

We had a photo session with our family friend, Rebecca Keller . We love this family, and not just because they are fellow Cubs fans living in the Riverbend area. Becca had the great idea of using an old Bethalto landmark as the backdrop for our pictures…the Big Red Barn. She also had the insight to know that pictures done at dusk would have a soft and glowing touch. I was a bit worried as to how you boys would act, because regardless of what others may initially think, you both tend to be introverted. I wanted so badly for your personalities to be captured at this stage in your life, and she succeeded. You boys are very comfortable with Mrs. Keller, because her son and daughter are some of your favorite people in the world, and she brillantly decided to bring them with for the adventure. You boys laughed and laughed during the pictures, and it made the whole evening just straight fun.

We will certainly be developing these pictures quickly, and they will most definitely be decorating our halls and mantels soon.

Author: bethany

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