Seriously you two. You could not make my heart melt anymore than you did tonight.

Because it’s Spring Break, I let you have a “sleepover”. Basically, that means that you just sleep in the same bed and goof off until one of you falls asleep.

But tonight, you were exceptionally quiet during your “sleepover”, so I spied on you….as any good mother would do.

As I was eavesdropping, I heard Parker reading from your devotional.

“Kent, who helps you be obedient?”


“Yes, but the Holy Spirit does too.”

I also heard Parker ask, “How can we tell our friends about God?”, and “How can we talk to God,”

Your room is right by the laundry closet and I currently have clothes in the dryer…which makes eavesdropping difficult! But I strained my ears, and that’s all I could catch.


Earlier in the day, after we mourned the opening day loss for the Cubbies, Kent got inspired to go out and play baseball. Parker, you coached Kent for a good hour . You two played wonderfully together today. Please remember that God has given you a brother to be an asset to your life. I pray over your relationship, and  I ask God to keep your bond strong. My life is rich because of the relationships I have with my siblings, and I want that same gift for you two. Days like today help that bond to grow.

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  1. Have I ever told you I love you? And your boys? And you again?


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