My blood is boiling…so much so that I had trouble sleeping through the night. Last evening we were all in Worden at Parker’s baseball game (you had a great defensive game, but we still gotta work on that bat! That was always the weakest component of my game, and I hope to help you do better than I ever did). Anyway, like most ball fields we have visited, there was a playground nearby. Kent, you and several other of the player’s siblings were at the playground imagining that you were pirates and robbers.  After the game as we were on our way out, you relayed to us that someone threw you to the ground while you were by the slide. You didn’t know the individual, and I think it scared you.

We asked you how you responded, and you said that you came to tell us, but the boy grabbed you. My heart was broken for you, and my mother bear claws came out and were ready to attack. I was so sad that you were hurt and helpless, and that I wasn’t around to protect you. I want to not only protect you from physical harm, but I ideally don’t want you to feel fear or inferiority either.

It’s true that you are a fiery little man, but you are also an introvert that will shut down if you feel pressured or threatened. These thoughts of you being thrown to the ground were haunting my dreams, so I got up and went and slept with you. Maybe I thought that I could somehow protect you now, from what I should have protected you from then.

Daddy and I talked to you about what you could do next time tries to exert themselves physically over you. We told you to use a loud voice and a firm voice, and to show them that you will not let them scare you. Bullying is such a prevalent issue in today’s culture, and we want to equip you to stand up for yourself.

It’s probably best you didn’t make it to us to tell us the situation…I saw the kid’s dad later, and I’m pretty sure he was related to Goliath. But..I was ready and willing to give him a piece of my mind. Haha.

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