We had a surprise visit from Auntie J, Grandma Bea, Auntie Denise, Nico and Gigi. Well, it was a surprise to you, but Auntie Denise and I have been plotting this for over a month. They arrived on the train in Alton from Joliet early on Wednesday afternoon. When you got home from school, I blinded folded you and took you downstairs where they were waiting for you.

I unveiled your eyes and you were shocked to see these far away family members sitting in your house.  We had so much fun with them while they were here. You and Nico and Gigi spent hours in imaginary play. You had transformed the basement into a makeshift city, complete with stores, hotels, and hideouts.

On Wednesday they came with you to the Pinewood Derby at chruch, where Parker won 4th place, and Kent competed as well for his first time. Then Thursday we went to the City Museum in St. Louis and hands down this was everyone’s favorite event of the visit. Thursday night we all went to Parker’s soccer game, where his team lost 4-2 (for the first time since January, Parker did not score a goal in a game-I’m pretty sure you were too exhausted from being at the museum all day).  Friday we enjoyed a lazy morning at home, and then spent over 2 hours at Culp Lane Park. Friday afternoon, we all went to Edwardsville and walked down the main street and visited the shops. We dropped off Grandma Bea, J, Nico and Parker at the soccer game, while I took Auntie Denise, Kent and Gigi home. Wouldn’t you know, Parker scored a hat trick…that’s three goals for his family to see and celebrate with.

They left Saturday morning before the sun was even up. The visit was loads of fun, but it was much much much too short. They are going to try and come out again in the summer, so we will just have to wait until then.

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