A Mother’s Prayer


I want nothing more in life than for you to love Jesus. I want you make  him your Lord and Savior. This is a relationship that I can expose you to and guide you towards, but eventually, you have to take ownership of your relationship with Him.

This morning at breakfast I kissed each of you and asked you what was the most important thing in life, and you each answered, “Jesus”.

Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Everything else will wither. Everything else will fade away.

This is the prayer that is on my heart this morning…

In the name of Jesus, I pray that the Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of my precious boys, and make them receptive to You. I pray that at a young age Parker and Kent will be convinced of the magnitude of Your love for them. And when they do, I pray that their hearts are compelled to love YOU in return. Please make their hearts be like good soil, and I pray for the seeds that are being planted to be protected, watered, and fruitful. I pray that they will be like the wise man, and build their lives upon the solid foundation of Christ. Holy Spirit, I ask that you seal their commitment to Christ, and I pray that they would clothe themselves in the Armor of God, so that they can ward off the enemy. I pray that they would experience victory in Jesus, freedom from the chains that bind them, and a love that never fails. Jesus, please lead my children in to a relationship with you, and once they have decided to follow You, give them grace and strength to never look back. Amen. 


Author: bethany

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