Seriously Kent. There is no one like you in the whole wide big world….and I love you for it.


Last night you and I had to run to the store after Parker’s baseball game to pick up my medicine along with a gallon of milk. I kept emphasizing the need for us to “pick up the pace’ in the store, because it was almost 8 pm, and we still had not eaten…not to mentioned showered or worked on homework. As I was walking briskly and you were speedily trying to keep up with me, you looked up at me and said, “Get it Mom! We are RUNNING errands.” Ba Dum Ching.


At bedtime we usually allow you to look at one or two books before you doze off, and Parker decided he wanted to read the “Highlights” magazine that came in the mail yesterday afternoon. What did you choose? The “Schwans” circular (advertising all of the prepared and frozen food) that was sent home from school with you. This morning you woke up and said, “Mom, I found 86 things I want to buy in that magazine.” I’m sure you did.


And lastly….Ms. Renee (Pastor’s wife) and Ms. Cindy (the administrative assistant) were keeping an eye on you two in the church office for a few minutes after school…Daddy had to run out on an emergency hospital call and I was at a DR. appointment 45 minutes away, that was running unexpectedly long.  Anyways, they had you for a total of about 10 minutes, and in those 10 minutes you apparently kept them in stitches…..by telling them “potty” jokes.


“What did the Fireman do?” He had to pee!


We have warned you about using such humor…especially around LADIES…especially around LADIES THAT WORK AT CHURCH….especially around a LADY THAT IS MARRIED TO YOUR FATHER’S BOSS!!!!!


I’m telling you what-You better thank God daily for those dimples, because I”m convinced they compel people to see you as “cute” and not “vulgar”.


But seriously little one….lay off the potty humor around the women folk!

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  1. Thanks for sharing things that make me smile, we sure do miss you guys. GO CUBS!

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