Pop Pop was right…there, I said it.


Funny story about this jersey. Mimi and I had to eat humble pie for sure.

You have become an Arsenal fan since Pastor Stephen (our youth pastor) has converted you to cheer for this English soccer team. When you watched a televised game of the Arsenal vs Manchester United a few weeks ago, a striker by the name of Robin Von Pierse scored a goal, and you have declared him as your soccer hero.

I was talking to Mimi and Pop Pop about how cool it would be to surprise you with jersey for your birthday. The problem was, the least expensive jersey I could find on Amazon cost $90. I love you and all, but there was NO WAY I was paying that much money for a shirt you will likely grow out of in a minute and a half.

That’s where your Pop Pop comes in. He searched on-line and told me he found an imitation jersey (which is fine by me!) for $28 and matching shorts for $5. He ordered it and had it designated to ship here. We waited and waited and waited and waited and it never came.

Daddy and I began to get suspicious, and we researched the website from which Pop Pop ordered the jersey. The website was no longer available, and we found several comments about how this company was actually a scam. We reported our findings to Mimi and Pop Pop, and they actually had to cancel the charge on their account, as well as the card with which the purchase was made. It was a fairly big ordeal. And we teased and teased and teased Pop Pop for falling for an internet scam.

Fast forward 2 weeks. Pop Pop called and said he received an email from the US Postal Service saying that there was a package being delivered to our post office, and he told us to be on the look out for the jersey. I replied, “Dad, that was a fake email from the fake company to appease you so you won’t press charges. I will believe it when I see it”.

Well, the jersey arrived in Moro, and I went to the post office to pick it up. I surprised you with it when you got home from school, and if were up to you, you would wear it every waking minute of every day.

We called Pop Pop so I could apologize for all the jokes, and so you could thank him for giving you what you have said is “the best gift ever.”


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