Happy 8th Birthday


You are 8. I cannot believe, and I almost refuse to accept, that you are 8.

To tell you that I am proud of you, would be an understatement. I am proud not just of what you do, but of who you are. Yes, I love watching you play soccer and excel. Yes, I love when you bring home a Math and Spelling test that you have aced. Yes, I love when you remember to read your Bible on your own. Yes, I love when you take your role as older brother seriously, and you encourage Kent.  But all of those are reflections of the character and integrity that is being developed in your heart, and that is what makes my heart leap for joy.

You are becoming quite the gentlemen, and my prayer is that during these formational years of your life, you would start to build your foundation on Christ. I pray that your every word and every deed glorifies Jesus. I pray that you would be salt and light to your generation-a constant source of blessing, and a constant reminder of who Jesus is. I pray that your heart will be good soil, and that the seed that has been planted will be watered, protected, and grown by the Holy Spirit. I pray for you to be consecrated and dedicated in your purpose and passions.

Each birthday is cause for celebration, but to be honest, each birthday you have causes a little bit of sadness in me. Each year, I’m reminded of how little time I have left before you grow up and leave our nest. But when I am feeling blue about you quickly you are maturing, I think back to the day when we dedicated your life to the Lord (9/2004), and I’m filled with peace. We gave you to the Lord as an infant, and I’m confident that He will guide you and protect you and flourish you. You bring so much joy to my life, that I often feel as if you give more to me than I give to you.

I love you Parker Elton Scottberg, and I do want it documented that you still love to cuddle. MWAH!

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