(my poor baby…this is what you’ve been doing for the last week)

I want to open up a twitter account just for you, in order to record and publicize the things you say.  I think I would make the hashtag, #stuffkentsays. You have such unique adjectives, and your perspective on life is truly one of a kind. Here is some of what you have said the last few days while you’ve been sick…keep in mind, all of these are pronounced with an Elmer Fudd “R”….which endears you to the hearts of many.

“Mom, my feet feel like they have leafs on them.”

“Mom, I hear car brakes in my brain.”

“Mom, will you scrub my ear?” (you wanted me to lightly tickle it)

“I want to watch Daddy play Cow of Duty (Call of Duty).”

I love your creativity. Kiss Kiss.

Author: bethany

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