Parker, you came down with a cough on Monday. Against my better judgement I let you play in your soccer game. You scored a goal, and your team won (your first win all season), but it probably wasn’t the best choice I could have made. By Monday night your fever was 101, but Tuesday afternoon at 4:36, your temp was almost 105. I quickly called Daddy and had him leave work a few minutes early so he could stop and get more Motrin. I took you to the Take Care Clinic in Glen Carbon because your regular Doctor closes at 4:30. The physician there diagnosed you with a virus and an ear infection. I had you sleep in the office that evening in hopes that Kent would remain unscathed.

That was a far fetched wish. Not only did Kent come down with the virus in the middle of Tuesday night, but so did Daddy. The three of you have been sleeping, fevering, and coughing non-stop. Daddy missed two days of work, and you each missed three days of school.

Never again will I take the “healthy” days for granted. Instead of just praying about our health when we are sick, I am going to express prayers of thanksgiving when we enjoy days where we each are well.

Author: bethany

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