About a week ago I started to have some minor chest pain. My primary care doctor ordered a stress test and an echocardiogram, of which both occurred on Thursday. On Friday, about 10 minutes before the office closed, I received a call from the doctor’s assistant telling me that although the stress test came back great, the echo showed an issue with one of my heart valves. I was instructed to call Monday in order to receive further attention from a cardiologist

Fast forward a few hours…the pain in my chest got so intense that I was doubled over in bed. I tried to make it through the night, but by 5am on Saturday, I woke up Daddy and told him I had to be taken to the ER. I called and woke up Pastor Jason and Ginger, who graciously agreed to come and stay at our home, for you Kenters.  Parker, you were sleeping over at the Keller’s house down the road anyway, and I planned to call and let them know later that morning.

After a 9 hour stay at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, and after multiple blood tests, a chest xray, lung xrays, an EKG, and a few other procedures, it was determined that I had Costochondritis. It’s a condition where the cartilage between the rib cage and sternum becomes inflamed. It probably happened when I was helping Aunite J move last week…I only say that because the symptoms started that same evening. They symptoms of this muscle issue mimmick those of a heart attack, which would explain why I was in so much pain. It’s a condition that has to heal on it’s own, and I’ve been given very high pain killers so I can function.

This whole last week has made me filled with gratitude. I am so grateful for friends in our community who can love you two and care for you both while I am unable to. You both were protected from the severity of the situation because you were in places that you love with people that you adore. I don’t take the gift of community lightly, and I am thankful that God has placed these wonderful friends in our lives.

Secondly, I am in awe of Daddy. He is such a good care taker and companion to me. Many times yesterday in the ER I told him he could go home and rest and come back for me when I was done, but he didn’t leave my side. Then I asked him for a snack, and he got me favorite greek yogurt (so thoughtful). Then he went and picked up my medication, and when he came home he cared for the two of you so I could sleep. He started folding laundry, and he also washed off my car, and he watched BREAKING DAWN Part 1 with me ( a huge sacrifice on his party), to get my mind off of things. He truly is a SUPER man, and it makes me appreciate who he is.

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